Return vs Echo

I recently made a mistake that I wanted to share. It might save you a headache. When making a short code make sure to return a value and not just echo it out. The echo will display content, but it’s placement will be off, which is what gave me my headache. Instead, put your echo’s… Continue reading Return vs Echo

Add TinyMC to the Excerpt

Found myself needing to add the TinyMC editor to the excerpt section. Found this handy code snippet.

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CSS Font Shorthand

I’m always forgetting the CSS syntax for font in shorthand format. Here is a great reference: Font Shorthand

Add Custom Help Section

You create a fancy new site for a client which is awesome.  However, the client is constantly calling you with ‘how-to’ questions. One way to solve this is to create a custom help section tailored to your design and functionality. Step 1 Head out to and pick up a 16×16 png icon to use as your help icon.… Continue reading Add Custom Help Section

Latest post the the Daily Leader

I am a technology blogger for the local paper.  Here is my latest entry.

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Extend an outlet

Inspired by an article on Life Hacker, I decided I needed a desk top outlet. So I went out and got a 15 amp 120 volt white outlet, a grey electrical box, and a cover plate.  Spent around $2 in all ( I already had the computer power cord). First step, knock out a hole… Continue reading Extend an outlet

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Disable edit

Want to keep a client from editing your plugins and themes from the admin? Add this to the functions file.