Matt 2: The Winter Coder

Another year in the books.  2015 was an interesting one.  I changed jobs and stepped down from the fire service.  I put on a few pounds and stopped coding in WordPress. As I write this I realize that maybe it sounds like 2015 wasn’t a great year.  That’s not so.  Stepping away from the fire […]

WordCamp Grand Rapids 2013

I recently presented at this year’s WordCamp Grand Rapids.  I would like to take a minute to write about my experience. For starters, I was thrilled to be selected.  I found out while spending a day in Peoria with the family while our new car got detailed.  Little ‘ol me selected to present to other […]

He’s on the Roof

The title of this post is a reference to my college days.  We played a lot of counter strike and my roommate would often call out ‘he’s on the roof’. I have been absent from the keyboard for some time attempting to put a new roof on my house.  Doing it with just the help […]

2013 wordcamp Chicago June 30th Slides

This is the follow up to yesterday’s post.  Again if you know the links to any of the missing presentations please contact me. ACCESSIBILITY & WORDPRESS: DEVELOPING FOR THE WHOLE WORLD LAND BIGGER CLIENTS WHILE WORKING FROM AN ISLAND missing PLUGIN UNIT TESTING FOR WORDPRESS WHY YOUR WEBSITE ISN’T “SET IT AND FORGET […]

2013 wordcamp Chicago June 29th Slides

I decided to gather the presentations from all the speakers at wordcamp to have them in one place. If you know where any of the missing ones are please send me the link. STOP MAKING THINGS PRETTY & START DESIGNING NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR CONTENT (YET) WRITING HIGH-QUALITY WORDPRESS PLUGINS CREATING […]

Return vs Echo

I recently made a mistake that I wanted to share. It might save you a headache. When making a short code make sure to return a value and not just echo it out. The echo will display content, but it’s placement will be off, which is what gave me my headache. Instead, put your echo’s […]