Add Custom Help Section

You create a fancy new site for a client which is awesome.  However, the client is constantly calling you with ‘how-to’ questions. One way to solve this is to create a custom help section tailored to your design and functionality. Step 1 Head out to and pick up a 16×16 png icon to use as your help icon. […]

Latest post the the Daily Leader

I am a technology blogger for the local paper.  Here is my latest entry.

Extend an outlet

Inspired by an article on Life Hacker, I decided I needed a desk top outlet. So I went out and got a 15 amp 120 volt white outlet, a grey electrical box, and a cover plate.  Spent around $2 in all ( I already had the computer power cord). First step, knock out a hole […]

Disable edit

Want to keep a client from editing your plugins and themes from the admin? Add this to the functions file.