• He’s on the Roof

    The title of this post is a reference to my college days.  We played a lot of counter strike and my roommate would often call out ‘he’s on the roof’.

    I have been absent from the keyboard for some time attempting to put a new roof on my house.  Doing it with just the help of my father in law and uncle it took over a week, and technically still not done.  Need to put the ridge vent/cap on this week, but at least it no longer leaks.  The house remodel is coming along nicely.  First we did the bathroom, not the roof, I think the kitchen may be next.

    Anyway, that is why there has not been a post as of late with WordPress/coding goodness.

    Exciting news however.  I did learn that I will be speaking at WordCamp Grand Rapids!  More on that to come.