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Home Networking Raspberry Pi “Pi-hole” Project Part 2

Part 2:  Filter Content

Now that ads are blocked (for the most part) lets filter content to keep the interwebs family friendly.

I used OpenDNS.  Very simple.  I used the free, preconfigured family set up.

On my router, since I couldn’t use the pi-hole there directly, I added OpenDNS nameserver ips.  On the router, I changed the DNS settings to the following:


That’s all fine and good for anything not running through the pi-hole.  But the devices that do use the pi-hole have no content filtering.  The pi-hole is set up to use Google DNS.  So, let’s change that.

First, log into the pi.  Then run the command:

sudo nano /etc/dnsmasq.conf (I like nano, but use whatever editor you like)

In this file change “server=” lines to use the ip’s from OpenDNS above.

Reboot for good measure and you’re all set.  Good clean content on your whole next work.

Next up, the hard part – VPN.

Stay frosty.