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Matt 2: The Winter Coder

Another year in the books.  2015 was an interesting one.  I changed jobs and stepped down from the fire service.  I put on a few pounds and stopped coding in WordPress.

As I write this I realize that maybe it sounds like 2015 wasn’t a great year.  That’s not so.  Stepping away from the fire department gave me time with my family.  Something I felt I really needed.  Instead of WordPress, the new job required me to learn Joomla.  I enjoy learning new things so that was ok too.  Putting on a few pounds I could have done without though.

So, now its 2016.  It’s time to improve.  Matt 2.0.  Better code, better me.

I’ll be attending my first hackathon in a couple weeks, I’m catching back up with WordPress, and I’m working out again.

I’m also going to be blogging more.  Working on a couple Raspberry Pi projects that I’ll be posting about, and a database project with my daughter.

Stay tuned and stay frosty.